Long Glam Hair Bonnet

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Hair Bonnets are a basic necessity when it comes down to protecting a hairstyle or your overall hair health. Our hair bonnets are individually made and sewn together with 100% satin. Satin prevents hair breakage and retains moisture that’s already there. What’s better than going to sleep in style with a bonnet that defines who are you are since you are a Glamorous individual. We have two bonnets for your needs. Choose what’s best for you or pick up both.

Cap Size Bonnet is perfect for protecting hairstyles and won’t come off due to its two sided material designed to be smooth against your pillow. 

Long Bonnet is perfect for protecting longer hairstyles, braids, natural styles, locs, and also big, thick hair. It has two sided material, has a thick, firm band to keep bonnet on at nighttime in bed.