Can’t Resist Me Wax Stick

Can’t Resist Me Wax Stick

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Are you looking for a product that holds your hair in place, creates sleekness, molds, and shapes your hair all while nourishing your hair? Well now, you can kiss your days of frizz, flyaways, and not so blended hair goodbye with our “Can’t Resist Me” wax stick. Our wax stick  is designed to tame and nourish your hair while keeping it in place no matter the hair texture or the style. This products works excellent on all textures of hair and doesn’t weight your hair down with oils or greasiness. This is the perfect blending product to use on both wet or dry hair and along with any heat appliance tool.


How much does this product weight?

2.6 ounces/ 75g

Does this product work on all hair textures?

Absolutely! No hair texture can resist this hair product from working and doing its job.

Can I use this on wet or dry hair?

Yes! This product can be used on both wet and dry hair.

Is this product safe to use on kids?

Yes! This product is safe to use on children’s hair.

Can I use this style my short hair?

Yes! This product is perfect to create shape, definition to short hair as well as long.