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Are you sick of edge controls that give you false hope and doesn’t work on your natural/relaxed hair? Are you getting tired of edge controls that turn your hair white, greasy, and feel thick on your edges from bad product build up. Look no further than the ShopAmberJay.com exclusive “Hold It” Edge Control. Our edge control is formulated with natural water-based ingredients, which will a 100% combat greasiness and dirty residue. Also, our edge control is infused with pure castor oil to stimulate hair growth across your entire hairline where the product is used. Our edge control is guaranteed to hold for 24-48 hours and dries immediately after applied.

”Hold It” Edge Control Specs/FAQ:

How much product will I receive?

Our Edge Control contains 3.5 net ounces/ 100 ML.

What color is the product?

The product is clear and will dry up clear as well. 

Will I be able to return?

No, unfortunately, due to reasons of hygiene once the edge control is bought, used, or physically tampered with you cannot return. We care ultimately about the safety and health of our customers.

Can I use this product on my natural textured hair/ relaxed hair?

Absolutely! This product was formulated for all ethnicities, ALL hair textures, whether you’re natural or relaxed.

How strong of a hold will I get out of this edge control?

”Hold It” Edge Control lasts 24-48 hours and has a superior mega hold.

Is the product ok for children?

Yes! This product has natural water-based ingredients safe for use on children as well.

Ingredients will be listed on the jar.